Assertive accounting for your company

VeRS operates assertively when handling the accounting activities of your company, measuring results, showing guidelines for making new decisions and preparing the best fiscal planning.Read more

Accounting Consultancy and Advisory Services

VeRS helps your company identify actions and measures that impact positively in your management and allow the implementation of improvements that add value to the business and reduce costs. Read more

Fiscal and Tax Planning

Through Fiscal and Tax Planning, VeRS offers conditions so your company keeps competition strong, reducing tax burden, improving fiscal security and aiming resources to strategic growth actions.Read more

Corporate legalization and structuring process

VeRS advises its clients regarding the standards that regulate their business activities and its corporate structure, protecting them against the non-compliance of the current law and assuring safe means to operate.Read more
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“The services provided by VeRS were very satisfying. The commitment with quality and the respect with deadlines contributed to the best accounting and fiscal results for my companies and management decisions in relation to my business.”
Aristides Newton, President of Anewton Franchising
“Counting on VeRS was the key to pay off debts, balance finances of the company and optimize all administrative and management processes. The result was the company’s development and the reduction of costs and taxes.”
Paulo Henrique dos Mares Guia, Sócio Admistrador – Mares Guia & Barros Consultores